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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Missing From the Blogosphere

Yes, I've been missing for quite some time from this blogosphere.  But I haven't completely disappeared.

Life has taken some turns and new opportunities have arisen, but you can find me on Instagram.

I joined Instagram almost two years ago as yet another way to promote my blog, but I ended up posting to Instagram far more often than writing posts here.  It's just so quick and easy! And it's fun.

I like to post my amateur shots:

and pics of my various hobbies (you know you've got to feed your soul, too!):


Art, Games, and Puzzles


And what's Instagram without pictures of food?

and the topic of this blog: health.

Most of my time is taken these days with teaching literature and writing classes, but I still love to chat health with my friends, so head on over and check it out, and join the conversation!


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