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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Winter Soups Community Cookbook

Do you love soup?  I think that nothing says comfort better, on a cold winter evening, than a warm bowl of nourishing soup.  That's why I am SO excited to tell you about my latest project!  I teamed up with over 50 other awesome bloggers to bring you this...

Wonderful ebook of soup recipes from your favorite bloggers!

This book is chock full of comforting, nourishing winter soup recipes, including my Chicken Enchilada Soup!  It's a family favorite at our house.  This digital book is 127 pages and contains 52 awesome recipes.  There are recipes in every category you can think of--Cheese and Cream Soups; Pumpkin, Squash and Root Vegetable Soups; Sweet, Sour, and Exotic-Flavored Soups; Bean and Lentil Soups, Beef-Based Soups, Poultry-Based Soups, Pork-Based Soups, and Seafood-Based Soups.

ALL these recipes are for real, whole food, you won't find any packaged junk ingredients here.  And if you are on a special diet, many of them will accommodate.  Approximately half the recipes are GAPS legal, 47 are gluten free, and 33 are dairy free.  And they ALL look delicious!  I can't wait to start trying them out!

Each recipe includes a full-color photo.

Don't these look delicious?  These are just a few of what you'll find in Winter Soups Community Cookbook.

This is a digital product.  As soon as you purchase you will be able to view your copy on your PC, tablet, or eReader.

Buy now for only $9.97!  Click the button below.

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