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Monday, January 13, 2014

Real Food Lunches for Our Children

Have you ever been frustrated, trying to get your kids to eat healthy food?  Do you eat the same, old, boring lunches every day?  Do you want to eat healthier, but don't know where to start?

I'm so excited to tell you about a new book, from 100 Days of Real Food!  It's called Real Lunches, Real Easy!  This eGuide is only available for two weeks, from today through January 27th.  It is being called an, "All-in-one Meal Plan eGuide that will hold your hand for 6 weeks of packing real food school lunches for your child(ren) aged preschooler through tween."

I have looked through this book and I must say, it is great!  I love the design, the colors and the photos--that's important to me, in a cookbook.  And as a homeschool mom that doesn't pack school lunches, these recipes and meal plans appeal to me anyway.  We could use some more variety in our lunch menu.

I'm excited to try some of the 27 recipes, including real food versions of Chicken Nuggets and Spaghetti Os!  I'm also intrigued by the Carrot Quinoa Bars--can I get my kids to eat quinoa?  I appreciate that this is not your typical carb-loaded lunch fare.  These menus include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable options and that's important to me as they are very alkalizing.  I require my children to eat raw fruit or veggies with their lunch and this will give me some more ideas.  I'm telling you, your kids are going to love these lunches!
Six weeks of lunch menus, helpful information, such as a preparation schedule, and shopping lists are included.  This makes everything EASY!  Like the title says.  And 6 weeks of menus mean your kids won't get bored, and you can repeat the cycle when you're done and they won't feel like they're eating the same things all the time.

This ebook is such a great price--$9!  That's $1.50 for each week's menu.  If you were to buy this 53-page book, in print, from a bookstore, you would easily pay $20.

And for the first 48 hours, if you purchase, you will get two bonus freebies.

So, what are you waiting for?  Click here to check it out!

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