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Thursday, January 23, 2014

95+ Healthy Breakfast Recipes

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I believe it!  I have to have a quality breakfast to start my day.

What do you eat for breakfast?  My main purpose with this blog is to help you ditch packaged food and cook from scratch.  And I know it's easy to choose packages items for breakfast, because we're all so rushed these days--got to get the kids to school, have to rush out the door to work.

But I implore you--start your day with quality, healthy food!  Ditch those boxed cereals, packaged granola bars, protein bars, and drink mixes (like Carnation Instant Breakast).  And guess what, the equivalent items at the health food store--they're not so healthy.

Since I can only create and post recipes so fast (which isn't very), I thought I would share some great breakfast recipes from my favorite bloggers.  I thought I would share about 95 recipes!  There are recipes here for everyone, whether you like grains, eggs, bacon, or are gluten free.  There are even a few Paleo and GAPS recipes included.  These recipes are ALL real food recipes.  I think I only noticed ONE that includes refined sugar and that is for a glaze--you could opt to omit it.  I hope you enjoy these recipes, and I hope I have inspired you to eat healthy breakfasts!

An awesome list of over 95 healthy breakfast recipes!

Are you new to real food?  Do you wonder what whole food is?  Do you find it confusing to know what's healthy and what's not?  I like to follow this motto: If God made it, it's healthy; if man has messed with it, it's not.  Plain and simple.  Read more of my thoughts on this here.

Note: I am not gluten free and as such may have put a recipe in that category that does not belong.  I did my best.  It is up to every individual on a gluten-free diet to know what ingredients you can handle.

Before we start, I have to recommend my Nourishing Fruit Smoothie recipe!  And my Breakfast in a Jar!  That is one of my favorites.  I make it all the time.  I love it with blueberries!  And now for the recipes from other bloggers...


(Okay, I REALLY need a Vitamix now!)

Egg Dishes


Grain Based
Some of these call for white flour (I recommend unbleached), some call for whole wheat; some are soaked recipes, some are not.

Gluten Free

Meat Based

Veggie Based


And if this isn't enough, check out my friend Lydia's awesome list, over at Divine Health From The Inside Out - 40 Healthy Breakfast Ideas.  Or Lauren's over at Mindful Meals - 7 Easy Breakfasts.  Or Jolene's Week of Breakfast Ideas over at Yummy Inspirations!

And here are some book recommendations:

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