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Friday, November 1, 2013


I love coffee.  I have loved it as long as I can remember.  And I'm not convinced it unhealthy.

Many, many years ago, I worked as a barista at Norstrom, where we served Seattle's Best Coffee, and then later switched to offering Starbucks coffee.  I learned how to mix fabulous lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, and Americanas.  My favorite is the breve--it's made with half-and-half, so it's richer.  Mmmmmm.

When I got married, I just had to have an espresso machine.  I finally got one, Krups brand, of course.  It made delicious drinks for many, many years, but unfortunately recently it's been having problems making shots.  It still steams milk great, though.  I should probably have it looked at.

A couple years ago I decided to give regular coffee a try.  I started a habit of waking up extra early, at 5:30, to have some quiet time to myself and focus on personal devotions.  I figured a cup of delicious, warm coffee would help, and I was right.

So, I got my french press out of the cupboard and actually started using it.  And since I'm a coffee snob, I couldn't just use regular store-bought coffee.

I went to Starbucks and bought theirs for a while.  But they have drastically changed their coffee selections from what they were 20 years ago.  They used to have so many roast choices, from several areas of the world.  You could choose coffee from Africa or South America, roasted light or dark or anywhere in between.  You could choose decaf in any of these flavors.  Not anymore.

Then I found Jim's Organic Coffee at my local health food store.  Jim's tastes fantastic!  But besides that, I like buying Jim's Organic Coffee for the following reasons:
     -It's organic.
     -It's fair traded/ethically source.
     -They use renewable energy in their plant.
     -Their packaging contains plant-based materials.
     -They support specific projects in the countries the coffee is harvested from.  Some examples are providing fresh drinking water to an orphanage in Africa, providing counseling for those that have lost loved ones to HIV, in Africa, and a library project in Guatemala.

Did I mention this coffee tastes delicious?!?  I thought I would share my love for this coffee with all my great readers and give one of you a chance to win some.  

Would you like to win a package?  You can choose any flavor, regular or decaf.  I personally drink the decaf Hazelnut.

Click this link and then tell me what flavor you would like if you win.

Jim's Organic Coffee Whole Bean Sweet Love Blend -- 12 oz

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  1. OMG, you had me at DECAF HAZELNUT!!! This sounds incredibly delicious, and decaf makes it even more WOW!

  2. Oh my, just the name of 'Sweet Love Blend' has me salivating. :)

  3. Great and good news for all of the readers of your blog. I am taking part in the giveaway and hopefully I will win the giveaway. Waiting to see some luck and competition in the draw.

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