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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can you OVERDOSE on magnesium?

There is a lot of information being passed around today about magnesium deficiency and I agree, MOST people are deficient and need to add this vital mineral to their diet.  But can you get too much of a good thing?

The answer is yes.

I did.

I started adding it to my water and I could really tell it was helping me handle stress.  It was fantastic!  Then after a few weeks I started feeling foggy-headed, dizzy, and weak.  I could tell my blood pressure was low because I dealt with dizzy spells in the past that were actually sudden drops in my blood pressure.  This kind of dizziness is different than low blood sugar or that feeling you have when you get off the Tilt-a-Whirl.  The best way I can describe it, is that it feels like the blood is being drained from my legs and arms.  It's weird and creepy.  I don't like that feeling and I had found relief, in the past, with mineral supplementation, using Celtic Sea salt.  But the feeling returned a few weeks ago and I though about the magnesium I had been taking.  Magnesium will lower your blood pressure and that is good for a lot of people, but my blood pressure is normally nice and low already.

Here are a list of symptoms of overdosing on magnesium, from WebMD:
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Low Blood Pressure
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Fatigue
Overdosing on magnesium can be fatal because it can lower your blood pressure so much.  So, please learn from me and watch your magnesium intake.  You should always be taking it with calcium.  Talk to a healthcare professional to see what dosage would be right for you.

I stopped supplementing with magnesium all together, but the symptoms didn't go away immediately.  I felt so weird for a couple days I thought that taking some extra salt may help, since sodium will raise blood pressure.  It seemed to help a bit.  But it was when I added some apple cider vinegar to my water that the symptoms left.  It felt good to feel better.

I left the magnesium alone for at least a couple weeks, but have used it a little bit here and there.  I'm being more careful than I was before.  But I will say that when I get that feeling of being overwhelmed, feeling anxious and stressed, magnesium really does help calm me down.

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  1. Hello, I followed you post from a FB group on the benefits of magnesium. (if you do not want to be bothered just say so) Your case is a puzzle in that it is very uncommon. If you will help us to understand the details, like your daily dose, type and frequency. If you were also soaking in Epsoms Salts and getting it IV or IM? I have been using it in my office for over a decade. I give my deficient patients Intramuscular doses of a 1-2 grams in the office. I have found this to be a safe low dose, because in some illness ie Hypertension of pregnancy 10x that dose may be given in 24hrs. The kidneys will eliminate the extra if they are working normally.

    1. I was actually using magnesium chloride flakes. I bought them to make my own mag oil, but never got around to it. I don't like the feeling of mag oil on my skin anyway, so I started putting it in my water. It's really hard to tell how much I was ingesting. A whole flake (a good size one) per 16oz. water, and I drink about 5 of those a day. Plus I tend toward low blood pressure. Perhaps mag chloride isn't so good to ingest. But it sure does make me feel good when I get the right amount. I'm sure I was getting too much for a season. Now, I might do one flake per 16oz. water, once a day, sometimes not at all in a day. :)

    2. Hmm, I take Calm..not every night, but it is magnesium citrate. And, if you follows the directions on the label, then you are only taking around 300ish mgs of Magnesium. I usually double up with no problems (at least till in the morning). I thought that Magnesium Chloride has a strong detox affect upon the body. Some of those symptoms sounds like those experienced by someone who is doing a body detox. As for taking it with calcium, I thought that the magnesium simply helped with the absorption of the calcium. But, I am definitely no expert. However, I DID stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! :)

    3. Bryan,

      I have taken high doses of Mag Citrate in the past. It really flushes the intestinal system. I've heard that this is due to one or both of these reasons: 1)It isn't digested very well and goes right through you or 2)It relaxes the intestines, making elimination easier. But I've also heard that it flushes the colon with water and that people that have a bad build-up of calcium in their body will find balance by doing large doses of Mag Citrate for a day or two or three.

      But I'm not an expert either. Perhaps the Mag Chloride was detoxing me, but I have had other detox periods and feel I'm getting pretty good at detecting what feels like detox and what just feels wrong or like a sickness.

      I'm not sure what the stay at the hotel has to do with your expertise. :) Thanks for stopping by!

    4. I found your blog because of my search, “Dizzy after using magnesium chloride.”
      When I was just soaking my feet, in a little bit, I was OK. I got a soaking tub, I used a whole cup of the flakes and got SUPER weak & Dizzy, foggy.

      I waited a week and a half, I soaked in only a half cup of magnesium flakes for a shorter time. I am Dizzy, Weak, Foggy, Sleepy .. Exhausted! Hubby had to help me out of the tub.

      I do have LOW Blood Pressure! I also manage POTS/Dysautonomia.. EDS, Mast Cell issues and more, all naturally. I figured that I am reacting to the magnesium in some way. I was also red and blotchy. I was wondering if it was the POTS or Mast Cell issues. {but I am not itchy}

      I can only do 3 spritzers of the magnesium oil or I react.

      Thank you,
      I thought I was the only one.

    5. I was doing a search because I had the same experience after a magnesium chloride flakes soak. I have felt weak, tired and dizzy since taking the bath yesterday morning. I’m foggy and just feel strange. Only thing I have added in before the symptoms started.

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  3. I’m enjoying the high-purity magnesium oil I recently received from MG12 I tried both Ancient Minerals ultra pure magnesium oil (sourced from ancient seabed minerals) and Ocean Minerals (from purified Pacific seawater). They both work well. I enjoy using the Ancient Minerals directly on my skin mixed in my favorite lotion, and reserve Ocean Minerals for baths and footbaths.

  4. I agree I too have tend toward low blood pressure taking 500mg ofor magnesium glycinate for 2 weeks gave me diarrhea, upset stomach,nausea, weakness and fatigue. At first it felt great but not so much after. For some people taking magnesium once in a while is okay, not everyday. Be careful everyone responds differently.

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  6. I've been taking calcium magnesium vitamin d in green food base from trader joe's, and only take at night. I've very foggy the next day and feel like I have taken Nyquil. Even with taking B12 and B2 the next day, I still have the foggy, achy feeling. When I quit taking the magnesium after several days, I am back to normal.