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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It's good to get away and relax!  We had the opportunity to take a road trip down to San Antonio and Corpus Christi for fall break.  Here are a few highlights:

Walking in downtown San Antonio...

We had to visit the Alamo...

We enjoyed seeing the array of architectural delights that San Antonio has to offer.  In the collage below are pictures of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, San Fernando Cathedral, the Rivercenter building, a tile mosaic decoration, the Texas flag, a wooden soldier outside a toy soldier shop, and La Antorcha de Amistad--the red sculpture, it means The Torch of Friendship.

I think my favorite was the San Fernando Cathedral.  It is older than America!  And done in the gothic style.  You just don't find that everyday in Texas or Oklahoma.

We enjoyed walking along the Riverwalk...
and Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  I had a yummy chicken club sandwich.

The next day we went to Sea World.  The kids really enjoyed the shows.  I thought my son might want to go on one or both of the rollercoasters they have, but he didn't.  I guess he likes rollercoasters with loops, not big drops.  The middle picture here is the Steel Eel.  It was very, very high.

And on Day 3, we left San Antonio and drove down to Port Aransas, which is near Corpus Christi.  We pulled into town about 11:00am and it was cold, cloudy, and windy.  Not ideal beach weather.  But we made the best of it; we put our jackets on and braved the weather.  You can see in the top left picture, we don't look so warm.  But that strong wind blew those clouds away and it turned into a very pleasant day!  My kids had never seen the ocean.  They loved it!  My daughter picked up every little shell bit she could find.  My son loved the texture and consistency of the sand when it's wet.  They both had to build sand castles, of course.  I love to hear the waves and smell that ocean air smell.  Mmmmm.

I got in a little reading time on the beach...

And it's all fun until someone gets stung by a jelly fish.  We saw several washed up on shore.  A few hours into our fun, my daughter was complaining that her ankles were stinging.  They were red, so we went to the hotel.  At that point they looked speckled, like a rash.  I bought some white vinegar from the corner grocery store and poured it on.  Not sure if it helped, the stinging was already calming down by that point.  Now she has an interesting story to tell her friends.

That night we tried out a local dining spot, Blackbeard's Too.  I enjoyed my fried shrimp and clams and baked potato (with REAL butter and REAL sour cream!) and the fun atmosphere.  

It was hard to leave the ocean.  I can't wait to go back.

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