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Monday, October 14, 2013

Poor Baby

My daughter is now 8-years-old, but this is her around the age of 2.  When she was little, she got a cold or a flu bug of some sort.  We did the usual natural remedies that we do, and she was getting better, but at one point, she seemed very listless and had dark circles under her eyes.  She was clearly dehydrated.

I don't buy Pedialyte because it contains dextrose (corn sugar), sucralose (that's Splenda and it's not good, folks), acesulfame potassium (another artificial sweetener, known as Ace K), artificial colors, and artificial flavors.  I usually just make sure my kids drink water while they're sick.  I guess I hadn't been as diligent this time.

I went to the fridge for my homemade chicken bone broth.  Click here for the recipe.  I added some Celtic Sea Salt to the broth, warmed it up, and fed her some by the spoonful.  She immediately began to perk up.

Bone broth is full of minerals, and the salt adds sodium.  Your body needs sodium, in fact it helps you retain water.  We tend to think of water retention as a bad thing, but you do want to retain some, especially when you are sick and aren't getting enough fluids.

The old remedy of chicken soup for a sickness has worth.  Try it (or even just broth) the next time you or your children are sick.


  1. That is awesome using chicken broth for your daughter. Very healthy and healing ~ Btw, she has pretty blue eyes! ~~*