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Friday, October 18, 2013

One of My Favorite Cookbooks

I love Pam Anderson!  I already posted about How to Cook Without a Book, click here to see.  This week, I am sharing another of her cookbooks that I own.  This one is called The Perfect Recipe.  It's not called that because she thinks her recipes are so superior to all others, it's called that because she labored over each one, testing and perfecting.  Pam Anderson worked for Cook's Illustrated (my absolute favorite cooking magazine!) in the past.  That's what they do; they try every way possible to make a dish so that they can present it to you as the best possible recipe.  Each recipe has a story and I love to read about her process.  She roasted 40 turkeys, to be able to tell you which temperature and method is best.  When it comes to mashing potatoes, is it better to add the butter or the milk first?  There is science behind these recipes.  And she tells you what didn't work.  My favorites are her Simple Clam Chowder, Macaroni and Cheese: The Real MacCoy, Perfect Roast Turkey, Strawberry Shortcake, An Even Better Apple Pie, Exquisite Cheesecake: One Recipe, Three Textures.  So, go check it out and get to cookin'!

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