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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday Morning News

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week.

Spirit Health - 
Ashley Driscoll says, "I find that taking just 10 minutes at the beginning of the day to read God’s Word fuels my day and sets my heart in the right place. "  And she is right.  You need to give priority to caring for your spiritual health and your relationship with God.

Soul Health - 
Taking time to make sure your relationships with others are healthy will lower the stress in your life.  And the effects will cross over into your physical health.

Body Health - 
Aldi Confirms up to 100% Horsemeat in Beef Products 
Do you need another reason to cut out packaged food?

Twelve Highly Toxic Chemical to Banish From Your Home 
Clearing these out of your home is actually easier than changing your diet, and your body will thank you.

Girls Who Play in Dirt Grow Up Healthier According to Researcher 
Being exposed to bacteria actually builds up your immune system.  This article shows a link to a lower incidence of auto-immune disorders and allergies.

Your Extra-Virgin Olive Oil is Fake 
Find out how to tell a good olive oil from a fake.

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