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Monday, September 16, 2013

Our First Giveaway!

Are you conscious of what you put on your skin?  And did you know that what goes on your skin, gets into your body?  Do you look for natural personal care products?  Do you know what chemicals to avoid putting on your skin?  There are a lot of chemicals in your typical personal care products that are carcinogenic.

I started making my own soap a few years back, because I do care what goes on my skin, and into my body.  Most handmade soap is made from natural ingredients, as opposed to commercial bar soap, which is made from petroleum.  Handmade soap has natural moisturizers, such as glycerin.  Glycerin is a humectant, which means it will draw moisture from the air into your skin.  Your skin needs water.  Commercial bar soaps remove the glycerin in their manufacturing process, so they can sell it separately (you can buy a bottle in the pharmacy section of your grocery store).

This particular bar I make contains palm kernel oil; organic, extra-virgin olive oil; castor oil, jojoba oil, ground oatmeal, and honey.  You'll notice I didn't list glycerin, that is because it's not something I put in, but rather it is created through the chemical reaction of soapmaking.  So this bar does contain glycerin. The oatmeal gives this bar texture, for exfoliation; and the honey is an extra humectant, for moisturizing purposes.  I love this bar, it is so versatile.  I use it on my face, and have my teenage son using it on his face, to control acne.  I also use it as an all-over body bar.  I have a bar by my bathroom sink, for hand-washing.  It produces a rich, creamy lather that is good enough for shaving my legs.  I've never had a bar that was acceptable for that before.  I do not add any fragrance to this bar.

This giveaway is for 10 ounces worth of this soap.  That is a $10 value.  I sell these bars for $1 per ounce.  You can enter using the widget below.  There are up to 5 entries, per person.  Please share about this giveaway.  As we grow, I hope to be able to do bigger and better giveaways, but that all depends on our number of readers and followers.  This giveaway ends on September 30th, at midnight.  Rafflecopter will randomly select a winner.  You will have 48 hours to respond.  If there is no response, we will choose another winner.  Thanks!

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  1. I shared the giveaway on facebook.

    1. Thanks Gwen! That means you get another entry! All you have to do is come back and enter it on the Rafflecopter widget.

    2. And if you're following my blog on Facebook, you get a third entry. :)

    3. Gwen, I entered your other entries for you. :)

  2. Also followed on Pinterest. Didn't really understand about the raffle copter, though.

    1. Thanks! The Rafflecopter is pretty easy, you login using either Facebook or your email, then follow the steps. You get an entry for following this blog, then you click on the entry for liking us on Facebook, then click the entry for sharing on FB, skip the Twitter one, and click the final one, since you follow on Pinterest.

      The Rafflecopter is what picks the winner for me--at random. So, if you're not entered on the Rafflecopter, you can't win. :)

  3. I shared and entered for give away!