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Friday, September 27, 2013

One of My Favorite Cookbooks

Pam Anderson (not Pamela) wrote this fabulous cookbook that focuses on teaching techniques, so you can cook without always reaching for a recipe.  This book does contain recipes, but once you learn a technique, such as how to sear a steak, or how to make a cutlet, you can improvise and start coming up with your own recipes, or mix-and-match from her collection.  Rather than having the same meals every month, you can diversify, without collecting new recipes.  For example, you could make chicken cutlets with Marsala Wine pan sauce, Mushroom Rice Pilaf, and a tossed green salad, greek-style, one week; and the next week, make pork chops with Balsamic Vinegar pan sauce, Orzo with Basil and Pine Nuts, and a tossed green salad, this time with avocado, orange, and red onion.  The techniques for both menus are basically the same, but as you can see, you have had two fairly different meals.  As a matter of fact, I've been lacking a bit of variety in my cooking lately.  I think I need to take my own advice, here, and refer back to this wonderful cookbook.

This cookbook includes recipes for the following:
Omelettes and Frittatas
Stir Fry - we love the Sweet & Sour Chicken option
How to Saute
Simple Pan Sauces & Relishes to accompany your meat
How to Sear & Flavored Butters to accompany that meat
No-Hassle Roast Chicken
Steam/Sauteed Vegetables & Tender Greens
Four Ways to Make Potatoes
Simple Sides, like rice, polenta, orzo, and couscous
and a few appetizer and dessert options.

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