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Monday, September 23, 2013

My Son and Eczema

This is my baby boy.

And here he is today.  Almost 14.  Climbing up a 42-foot wall.

In my Bio, on the About page, I mentioned that he has only been on antibiotics once.  This is the story.

The Problem
When he was about a year-and-a-half, he developed a splotchy rash on his face.  I took him to my doctor's office, but the doctor was busy, so we saw the PA.  She diagnosed it as impetigo and gave us a prescription for an antibiotic.  I filled it and started him on it.  Within a day, or so, this "rash" spread to his arms and legs.  I remember it being on a weekend, and the doctor's office was closed, but they had an emergency number I could call.  I called and was able to talk to the doctor.  He said not to worry, and to continue giving the antibiotics--and give him some yogurt, to feed his system some probiotics.

Say What?!
But my gut was telling me the antibiotics were not helping him, only harming him, so I stopped giving them.  And then made an appointment with a dermatologist.  He said it was NOT impetigo, but eczema!  Antibiotics are NOT prescribed for eczema, so I was right in taking him off them.  The dermatologist said eczema was quite common in children, and that my son would very likely have seasonal allergies when he got older, as well.  He said they tend to go hand-in-hand, but couldn't tell me why.  He prescribed a steroid cream.  We walked out of his office, and I told my husband we were not filling that prescription.  I was ready for a natural solution.

Looking For Solutions
I then made another appointment with our family doctor and told him that his PA misdiagnosed my son--not happy about that!--and that it was actually eczema, BUT I wanted to take a natural approach for treatment.  Fortunately, our doctor is open to that--that's why he's our family doctor.  He said that eczema is an allergic response, and he said his wife, who is a naturopath could test for allergies.  The only problem was, she was booked up through July (this was in March, I think).  But he called her and she said she could squeeze us in.  Yeah!  We rushed right over to her office.  She used a computer for the allergy testing.  It was fast and easy--no blood drawing, no skin pricking.  I mentioned that we had started to have our lawn sprayed for weeds.  She checked her machine and said that's it.  She made us a mixture of liquid that was homeopathic.  She told us to give our son these drops a few times a day.  The great thing was that this liquid was clear and tasteless--always a plus for children.  He took them easily and began to clear up that day.  His skin was completely cleared up by the time we finished that bottle.  I think the appointment with her and the bottle of medicine was under $15.

Lessons Learned
Trust your gut instinct.  Get a second opinion.  Seek out natural remedies.  Educate yourself.
I have since learned that eczema is an allergic response, as my doctor said, but the problem is rooted in an imbalance in the gut.  And like the dermatologist said, eczema and seasonal allergies tend to go hand-in-hand--because they're both rooted in gut health!  Address gut health and the allergies go away.  Why couldn't he tell me that?  Because too many doctors are trained in specific areas and ignore the rest of the body.  We need more doctors that take a holistic approach, recognizing that the systems of the body are related and interdependent on one another.  I was right to take my son off of the antibiotics.  Antibiotics will further destroy the gut flora and balance.  My son has had very mild seasonal allergies.  They didn't appear until he was about 8.  He hasn't had eczema issues for many years.  As we focus on gut health, these issues become less and less for him.  If I had just filled that prescription for steroid cream, it probably would have cleared my son's skin, but the issue would have manifested in other ways, some of which include learning disabilities.  The steroid cream does not get to the root of the problem.

For more information, read Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride.

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  1. So I just saw this! My son has had problems since he was born in May. He is breastfed and his doctor keeps telling me that it is baby acne and that it is just "angry" and to keep putting this petroleum base lotion on him. NOT a fan of the lotion or the answer. I know it has to be eczema. I have tried putting Olive Oil and Coconut oil on his face and neither seems to be helping. I am at a loss because I don't know what to do and it is so bad that it is starting to bleed. Any advice on what to try?

  2. Michelle,
    I also put olive oil on my son's face. It didn't help and I think it made it worse. I have since discovered essential oils. You can read about my healing from dermatitis here, using essential oils - http://www.allthingshealth.us/2013/10/i-tried-everything.html

    I only recommend Young Living oils. Lavender is very good for eczema, and Young Living also has a cream called Animal Scents that is good for many different skin issues. Young Living oils are totally pure, but other brands are not. You can read about my experience here with other oils - http://www.allthingshealth.us/2013/08/essential-oils.html and what I have learned about Young Living here - http://www.allthingshealth.us/2013/09/what-are-essential-oils.html.

    I can order oils for you at the wholesale price, plus shipping and tax. You can email me at spicerack75 AT ymail DOT com.

    1. I'm not sure if those links are click-able. Here they are separately: