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Monday, September 2, 2013

Funny, But True

"I'm tired of people acting like they're better than McDonalds.  You may have never set foot in McDonalds, but you have your own McDonalds.  Maybe instead of buying a Big Mac, you read US Weekly.  Hey that's still McDonalds, it's just served up a little different.  Maybe your McDonalds is telling yourself that Starbucks Frappucino is not a milk shake.  Or maybe you watch Glee.  It's all McDonalds--McDonalds of the soul.  Momentary pleasure, followed by incredible guilt, eventually leading to cancer.  'I'm lovin' it!'  We all have our own, we all have our own McDonalds, you know?  It may take me a while to digest my Quarterpounder with Cheese, but that tramp stamp?  Is forever.  Do, do, do, dooooo, do...mistake.  [McDonald's jingle.]"
--Jim Gaffigan

This is all for comedy's sake, and it's funnier to hear him perform it, but there is truth here.  Jim Gaffigan defends his love for McDonalds and makes his point by saying that everyone has their own McDonald's, so you can't judge him.  That doesn't make his love for McDonalds right.  It's a classic appeal to hypocrisy.  I hope that he doesn't really eat as much junk food as he jokes about.  But it is true that many of us have a, "McDonalds of the soul."  And we need to watch what is going into our soul/mind.  If it's junk, it has more of an effect than a Big Mac does on your body!  Junk on TV, junk at the movies, junk on the Internet, junk in books and magazines--it can bring you down, cause you fear, cause you to compare your body to unrealistic bodies, depress you, bring worry, form harmful behavioral patterns and addictions.

Take some time to think about soul health today.

Note:  Jim Gaffigan is a popular comedien.  He is not entirely clean.  So don't take this posting as my recommendation that you check out all of his stuff.  Use discretion.  :)

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