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Friday, September 20, 2013

Another Book Recommendation

I picked this book up from the library a few years back, and really enjoyed it.  I enjoy cookbooks where the author elaborates, goes into lots of detail, and includes interesting stories.  That is just what Jennifer Reese does in this book.  She lost her job, back in 2008, and so set out to make things from scratch--to save money.  I will constantly tell you to cook things from scratch, here on this blog, because it is better for you.  It is almost always better on your budget, and better for your health.  But before you get all crazy and start making everything from butter, to crystallized ginger, read this book.  Follow along with the author as she finds out just what you should make at home, and what you are better off buying from the store--she even raised chickens, for their eggs!  Jennifer Reese is first, and foremost, a writer, so if you enjoy reading--like I do--you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book.  It contains 120 recipes, but sit down and read it cover-to-cover, like a novel--you will thank me.  And check out her blog - www.tipsybaker.com.

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