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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The 10 Pillars of This Blog

These are the foundation points of this blog.

::We are spirit beings, we have souls, and we live in bodies.  Our spiritual health is the most important, soul health comes second, and lastly our physical health.  However soul and physical health can be intertwined and interdependent upon each other.

::How do you trust what health information to follow?  Use God's Word as your filter.

::If God created it (for food), it is healthy for us; if man has altered it, it is unhealthy.  Read my original entry on this point, for more information.

::Trust God as your source of health, don't look to the food, the supplements, the exercise, etc.

::Why keep your body in shape?  After all, it doesn't pertain to your salvation, this life is temporary.  Keeping your physical body in shape is part of fulfilling the plan God has for you.  This brings me to my next point...

::Remember balance in all things.  Don't let the pendulum swing too far into one area, ignoring all other areas.  There are many areas of health, which is why I named this blog All Things Health.

::Health is about more than eating right and exercising.

::Take control of your health.  Think for yourself.  Do your own research.  Come to your own conclusions.

::There is no condemnation here.  Do what you can do.  Do what you know to do.  We all start somewhere.  Some are further along than others.

::Nothing in this blog is meant to be medical advise.  I am merely passing along information to you.  When you make major changes in your diet or exercise regimen, it is wise to check with a doctor.

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