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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Steps Toward Healthier Living

As I mentioned in my Pillars blog, last week, we are all at a different place in our lives.  We all need to be taking steps toward healthier living.  As long as you are consciously making an effort, don't feel bad that you're not in the same place as the next person.  As you learn new things, don't feel regret that you didn't know it yesterday.  Here is a list of steps you can take.  Some of them you may already be doing.  That's great!  Pick one you're not doing and move a little further ahead.  I've tried to range them from babysteps to master-class level steps.

--Drink water - divide your body weight in half and drink that quantity in ounces.
--If you don't exercise, start walking around the block.
--Start reading labels.
--Don't skip breakfast!  So many benefits--keeping blood sugar levels stable and avoids stressing the adrenal glands, to name a couple.
--Lower your portions.  Chances are extremely high you need to.  It's not just about weight.  Overeating causes the body stress and causes your PH level to lean toward the acidic.  And acidic body is a body that gets sick.  More on that issue later.
--Lower your stress levels.  Take up a hobby!
--Get adequate rest at night.
--Eat more fruit and veggies!  These provide fiber and alkalize the body--more on that later.
--Check out the Dirty/Clean list to see which items have more pesticides and which don't.
--Buy all organics, if you can.
--Look for meat products from animals that have not been given hormones or antibiotics.
--Try to balance your diet with half raw and half cooked food.  Chances are we all need to increase our quantity of raw food.
--Eat a balanced diet--don't go for the low carb fad!  It will really stress your adrenals, which can lead to a whole host of problems.
--Take digestive enzymes with cooked food, to digest it easier and assimilate the nutrients better.
--Switch to healthy fats--butter, olive oil (don't heat it too hot), coconut oil, beef tallow.
--Cut out all artificial sweeteners.  Choose stevia instead.
--Start substituting packaged food items for things you make at home.  Need recipes?  Look here.
--Bring healthy snacks on errands to avoid eating fast food.
--Bring your lunch to work.
--Pack your kid's school lunches.
--Ditch the protein bars, and protein powders.  99% of them are filled with junk.  Check your labels.  Does it contain SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE?  Read here an article on the myths and truths about soy.
--Buy meat from local farmers that aren't using chemicals and are NOT feeding their animals corn or soy.
--On that note, cut out all soy--unless it's naturally fermented miso.  Yes, that means give up the endamame.
--Switch to raw dairy products--if they're available in your state.
--Ditch the margarines and butter-like spreads.  Real butter is a very healthy fat.
--Make sure your supplements are whole-food, not just natural, or naturally-derived, but actually whole-food.
--Use essential oils--more on this later, too.
--Remove chemical cleaning products from your home and switch to natural alternatives.
--Switch to natural body care products.
--Eat more naturally fermented items.  Bubbies pickles (not the Bread & Butter variety) are one example.  These items contain loads of beneficial bacteria.
--Eat plain yogurt--add honey if you need it sweetened.  It's a good way to get more probiotics in your diet.  I like Nancy's.
--Substitute refined sugar for honey or Sucanat.
--Get chia seeds in your diet.  I've got a recipe coming soon for this one.
--Supplement with super-foods.  These are food items that are loaded with vitamins.  Cod liver oil, skate liver oil, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, black-strap molasses.
--Make your own naturally fermented items, such as kombucha, sauerkraut, and pickles.
--Make your own sourdough bread.

I found this the other day.  I find it applicable.  I don't think we'll reach a level of perfection in any area, in this life.

I tried to cover all the bases.  Can you think of anything I forgot?

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