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Saturday, August 17, 2013


I bought some Snapple the other day.

NO, I didn't drink it.

The second ingredient is sugar, and that's listed before the fruit juice!

No, I poured the juice down the drain.  These are my substitute for the plastic water bottles in my house!

Why not use plastic?

"Certain plastics have been shown to leach Biphesenol A, a hormone disruptor. While this is not a problem in all bottled water, who’s to say what scientists will find leaching from plastics down the road."

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/enough-with-the-plastic-water-bottles-already.html#ixzz2byMqZ192

I am in the process of removing plastics from our home.  I switched from storing all my leftovers in Tupperware or Glad/Ziploc containers, to using mason jars, Corning Ware, and ceramic ramekins.  I do still use some plastic wrap over the tops of things, most of the time it doesn't touch the food.  I do still use zip-loc bags occasionally.  My kids are big enough now to exclusively drink out of glassware, so I've thrown out all the plastic cups (well, I saved one or two for little kid company).  Now the water bottles, I've wanted to get rid of for a while.  I bought cheap stainless steel bottles, but they rusted.  Then the other day it dawned on me--Snapple bottles!

These Snapple bottles hold 16 ounces, and they fit in my car's cupholder.  It was really easy to get the labels off.  I filled the bottles with really hot water, after pouring out the juice.  Then let them sit for a minute, to let the glue soften up.  If I remember correctly, these labels are secured with one strip of glue that looks a lot like the type in a hot glue gun.  Just tear the label at some point, and pull it off gently.  For the remaining glue residue, I just take a scrap of paper towel and drizzle a little oil on it.  Rub the sticky surface with the oil to completely dissole the glue, then wash the bottle with soap.  We did notice that it took a few washings in the dishwasher to get the juicy smell out of the cap.

Now, these glass bottles aren't as convenient for little kids.  I went to the park the other day and was a bit nervous carrying around a couple of glass containers and setting them down on the pavement.  A friend had this bottle, it looks to solve that issue -

Glass Water Bottle with Flip Cap and Silicone Sleeve

If you have to buy water in plastic bottles, or tote your home water in plastic, make sure it's BPA-free.  And when you buy bottled water, make sure it's spring water.  If it says, "Pure," or "Drinking Water," it's just tap water from another city.

What changes have you made for the better lately?

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  1. We have done this exact same thing! Purrfect ~ Thanks for the great info.