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Sunday, August 11, 2013

I'm Back!

It's been a long time since I posted on here, but I think I'm back for a while.  I can't promise how often I'll post, or how long I'll keep at it, but for now I'm back.

In the past I was known for being verbose and focusing on the philosophical.  I think I was hashing out my personal philosophy and belief system.  Things have changed in the two years that I have not blogged.  Everything is so visual now.  People don't want to read.  That in itself is sad, but I find myself in that boat a lot, too.  We are all just too busy.  So in that vein, I will try my best to keep my posts short and try to include visuals.

On that note, I found this recently, and I find it very interesting, because in this day and age, we think we're SO advanced, in the medical field and in our knowledge of how to keep our bodies in shape.  We think we know how best to eat, what the best exercise is, we know smoking is bad, etc., etc., etc.  But if you will notice, diseases are the biggest killer of humans.

If you can't read it, go here http://i.imgur.com/qpcHLIE.png 

This is sad.  This shouldn't be.  Stay tuned, I've got recipes and information coming, in ALL areas of HEALTH!

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