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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Co-op Day!

Here we are, lining up, helping to unload the semi-truck, placing boxes in their proper piles according to the name on the label.  Boxes and boxes of natural food.  At great prices!

This is my monthly Azure Standard drop.  We are a cooperative, which means everyone that orders cooperatively helps out on pick-up day.  We meet on a Wednesday morning at 8:30am and the process takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Azure Standard is a company based in Oregon.  They offer great prices on produce, grains, frozen items, health and beauty items, yogurt, nuts, seeds, packaged items like granola bars, and much more.

I save more money with Azure over shopping at the health food stores in my area.  On some items, they even beat Walmart prices--vanilla extract, for example.

Some of their items are sold in a bulk quantity, so you might want to find friends to split items with you.

 Here is what I got today:
Nancy's Organic Whole Milk, Plain Yogurt
Organic Dried Pinto Beans
Bubbies Kosher Dill Pickles
Stevia Extract
Once Again Nut Butter, Inc. Creamy, Salted, Natural Peanut Butter

We have had a couple local sellers agree to bring their items to our drop site, as well.  Today I bought grass-fed longhorn ground beef from Lady Lillian's Longhorn Ranch.  And you see quart jars of honey I bought from a local gal, too.

For more information, visit Azure Standard's website.  Check them out on Facebook, here.  You can also checkout Covenant Ranch Trucking company's Facebook page, too.  They deliver our Azure Standard order.  I'm not sure if they deliver for all the routes, but they are constantly adding new routes, and it is a good way to see if your city already has a drop point, or to request that your city be added.

I posted this information on my Facebook page earlier today.  Have you liked our Facebook page yet?  If not, click here and check it out.  I post little things there a couple times a day.  :)

Update:  9/1/13 - Here is the link for the honey.  If you are local, check it out!

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