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Thursday, August 12, 2010

All Things Health

I named this blog All Things Health because I believe that we are spirit beings, we have souls, and we live in bodies.  I believe that these three parts of us are intertwined and we cannot focus on just one.

I know this blog focuses more on the body and I will be changing that in the future, but for now, my question to you is, what do you do for the health of your spirit and your soul?


  1. For my spirit, I read the Bible, pray, and listen to worship music. Sometimes, when I'm walking, I look at the beautiful creation God has made. It's make me remember what's important in life. Also, church is very important in my life. Going to church encourages me by letting me worship with others.

    For my soul (mind, will, and emotions), I believe in taking some time to do, well, nothing. It could be roaming the mall, watching TV, reading a magazine, or hanging out with friends. I personally believe that we can get so busy being, well, busy, that we forget to take time to rest our bodies and our minds and just be.

  2. For my spirit? Music. The way God reaches to me most often is through song, the way I can best express my love & devotion to him is through song. God & have alone time in the car each day as I drive & listen & sing.

    For my soul music again plays a part, but I also read as well. I am dealing with something now that has been remarkably painful to let go of. It was a song I heard that showed me I wasn't giving my desires & dreams to God. I was so focusing on my want & not waiting for the will of God. It is yet another song that cleanses the wound a little more each time I hear it.

  3. Good responses. Thanks!

  4. For my spirit and soul I get up early (and it needs to be EARLIER) to study my Bible, pray, journal, think, etc. (oh, and take a shower before the kids get up.) This is the single biggest key to my day being ordered by the Lord and, more than that, to plant the seeds of the Word to let them grow. During the day I try to listen to radio preachers and/or listen to a cd message. I also read books that will help me in some way (although I try to limit my reading of "other than Bible books," even if it is good stuff.) I also, as much as possible, set aside Sunday (or occasionally another day) as a rest day, a Sabbath to let my brain and body rest and my spirit to be fed. I go to church. Corporate praise and worship restores me like nothing else and of course the message also feeds me. I also find that nature rests my soul and spirit...being in God's creation with my Bible is the absolute BEST!

    Some of the most important things I do to maintain the health of my spirit and soul are things I DON'T do. I watch VERY little tv and movies, listen to very little secular music (actually very little music at all), don't watch or read the news (except for yahoo headlines), and overall guard what goes into my head.

    I think the health of the spirit and soul are very intertwined. I will enjoy seeing what you have to say on this topic!

  5. You are right about not taking time to rest our mind and bodies. If we do put the "world" out of us, the Spirit has the opportunity to do His will.