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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Journal - and a hungry groundhog!


April 21 - I set out to sow the rest of the herbs in my patio-side beds, but discovered that I miscalculated.  I drew a diagram of my patio and figured 10 spaces on each side of the patio, but really only had nine.  So, regretfully, I decided not to plant nasturtiums and borage.  Instead, I planted them in pots to sit on the patio.  I already had dill, sorrell, and poppies in, and added bee balm, marjoram, hyssop, mint, caraway, feverfew, thyme, fennel (bulb variety), basil, parsley, lavender, mustard, chives, lamb's ear, and chamomile.  Whew!  I'm tired just typing all that.  :)

April 22 - Found green caterpillars munching on my cabbage!

April 24 - First harvest of spinach--wow!  It tastes awesome!

April 28 - First harvest lettuce.  Lots of blossoms on the peas.

April 29 - re-sowed echinacea and floxglove in the flower bed, since it doesn't seem that any have sprouted.  High winds tonight, everything faired well.

April 30 - Downpour--the rainy season has begun.

May 4 - I discovered I can get coffee grounds from Starbucks--they bag them up and everything--for free, to add to the compost pile or the garden.

May 5 - my onions are blooming.  Apparently (click here), onions should only bloom on the second year, but may get confused by temperature fluctuations.  We do have weird weather here.  One day it could be 80, the next 32, the day after 75 (that really happened in March).  I thought all was lost, but a friend of mine said they eat their onions even when they've bloomed.  Just goes to show that the best garden information is from friends that have actually done it.  :)

March 8 - My spinach has bolted already.  I didn't know the growing season was going to be so short.  Perhaps I should have harvested more often.  I have a friend that clips hers very often and it hasn't bolted.  I enjoyed four servings of that wonderful spinach, but didn't have enough to freeze.  This fall, I will plant much, much more and clip it more often.

May 11 - I have a bloom on my broccoli!  Yeah!

May 12 - I planted four varieties of lettuce--Parris Island Cos Romaine, Little Gem Romaine, May Queen Butterhead, and Tom Thumb.  We like Romaine, but this Tom Thumb is amazing!  The leaves are nice and crunchy, if you like that sort of thing, we do.  I will be planting a lot more Tom Thumb next time.  Haven't tasted the May Queen lettuce yet, but it looks like a very soft leaf variety.  We like crunch in our salads, so I probably won't plant the May Queen again.

May 13 - apparently the tornado sirens went off last night, we slept right through them.  The garden appears unharmed.  This day marks 70 days for my cabbage, but they look no where near ready to harvest.

May 14 - Waiting for seeds to sprout really tries my patience!  I have yet to see the parsley or lavender sprout and I'm not sure about the mint and caraway.  Thankfully we have some echinacea growing now, but still no foxglove.  I guess it's not meant to be.

May 19 - More tornado sirens.  We only had high winds move through.  My blue-podded peas were knocked down.  I tied them up so hopefully they won't get knocked down again.  We have lots and lots of peas almost ready to harvest.  I ate a few of the Golden Podded Peas, they tasted great.  The Golden Podded have edible pods, the Blue Podded don't.

May 20 - A very weird thing happened today.  You can check out the slide show and see the pictures my sunflowers.  I had four sunflowers growing nicely in the flower patch.  They have probably reached a height of two feet.  I glanced out the window Friday evening and only saw three.  I had just been out a couple hours before and they were all there, so I know the wind didn't get them from the storm the other night.  I thought maybe my four year old did something with it, but that was highly unlikely.  She's very aware and very good around the garden.  I took a closer look, looking for a knocked over flower.  I didn't see anything.  This was really odd.  Then I looked down and saw some wilted leaved on the ground.  As I was looking, these leaves were sucked into the earth!  Something had pulled this sunflower straight down into the dirt.  Just like on the Bugs Bunny cartoons!  I thought I could pull it up and rescue it, but when I pulled it up, it was half eaten.  Later I learned that it very likely a groundhog.  An hour later, we went out and the whole thing was gone.  Not a trace.  He must have started at the root and just eaten it whole!  Very strange!

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  1. I meant gopher! I was thinking gopher and typed groundhog. :)