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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Garden Journal


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March 22 - I couldn't wait all day for the snow to melt, so right after breakfast, I went out to uncover my garden. I pulled all the towels back and was so relieved to find unharmed plants! Yeah!! The plants that were covered with milk jugs and towels seemed better than the plants that were only covered with towels, but they all survived. By the end of the day almost all the snow was gone. Tomorrow is supposed to be a high of 70.
March 24 - Transplanted cauliflower seedlings into the garden. Sowed carrot seeds.
March 26 - Frost on the ground this morning. I didn't cover any of my plants last night, oops! Nothing harmed, though. :) Planted California Poppy Seeds in my patio-edge herb beds.
April 2 - Planted seeds in the flower bed--sunflowers, zinnias, foxglove, salvia, snapdragons, marigolds, echinacea, and mother of pearl poppies.
April 11 - Planted cucumber seeds in the lettuce box and spaced out some of the lettuce. The cucumbers will climb up a trellis. When the lettuce is done, I will plant pepper plants in their place.
April 13 - Bought tomato and pepper plants today. I'm a bit sad that I couldn't seem to get my seeds to germinate. I will try earlier next year.
April 15 - Transplanted peppers and tomatoes into cardboard boxes. This way I can bring them in if it gets too cold at night (it has been warm, though). I also had to do this because I don't have room in my beds for them yet. When the peas and lettuce are done, the peppers and tomatoes will go in. I also planted five varieties of pumpkin seeds today. I planted them in cutoff milk jugs so I can bring them in if it gets cold and so that when they sprout, I can be sure of what plant they are. My pumpkin hill has all sorts of things sprouting in it from last year--cilantro, dill, and various unknown things. I want to know what to snip and what to keep.  I also planted green bean seeds in my beds today.
April 18 - It rained lightly all day yesterday and continues today. I'm trying to collect as much rain water as I can to water with. I'm actually surprised by how much I'm collecting. When this rain lets up, I will be planting all my herb seeds.


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