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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Garden Journal

March 4 - Transplanted cabbage seedlings that were started inside. Sowed beet seeds and planted 74 onion plants, bought from the store.
March 10 - I am seeing a few spinach sprouts that I planted 2/23. Still no cilantro sprouts, though (planted them 2/23).
March 11 - Started tomatoes and peppers inside. No strawberry sprouts, I started them inside 2/23. Sprinkled more strawberry seeds on top of soil, perhaps I planted them too deep.
March 17 - transplanted broccoli and lettuce and also sowed lettuce seeds. Very happy to see that all my peas have sprouted, and I'm seeing lots of beet sprouts.
March 18 - started some cilantro inside since it doesn't seem to be germinating outside.  I may be rethinking that strawberry patch I was planning--still no strawberry sprouts.  :(
March 19 - It is 70 degrees out today and windy. I am tilling up my herb patch and a flower patch. I think I see a cilantro sprout outside now.
March 20 9:00am - Had to rush outside this morning to cover the garden. It has started to snow! I didn't really think it would. I saved milk jugs for just this purpose. I cut the bottoms off for planters and put the tops over my little plants today. Then I covered them with towels.
March 20 12:30pm - My garden is now under a blanket of snow and it's expected to snow more tonight.  Had to replant my tomatoes inside because SOMEBODY stepped on the pot and knocked it upside down.  That wouldn't have been too big an issue, but I had four different varieties in one pot.  Once they were toppled I had no way of knowing which was which.  :(

March 21 - More snow this morning, but it's supposed to be a high of 59 tomorrow and 70 on Tuesday. So I am really, really hoping that all my little seedlings will be fine.

March 21 12:45pm - It is now raining, so it must be warming up.  Hopefully tomorrow we will uncover to find perfectly fine and healthy cabbage, broccoli, beets, onions, spinach, and lettuce.


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