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Monday, December 7, 2009

Pedialyte or Bone Broth?

My daughter got sick last week. She had some sort of stomach bug. The worst of it seemed to last about 24 hours, but she was feeling down for about three days.

She didn't eat or drink for the first day, so I knew she was feeling better when she wanted some water and milk on the second day.  She even walked herself to her bed that second night. (She had been on the couch all day and asked to be carried anywhere.)

The next morning, however, she seemed worse, which was puzzling. She hadn't vomited in over a day and she was drinking plenty of water. She had eaten a little bit over the last day, perhaps she just needed more food in her tummy.

She ate a muffin for breakfast and then went and resumed her spot on the couch of the previous two days. She had dark circles under her eyes and just seemed to be worsening rather than improving. A few hours later she didn't want to eat any lunch.

The thought that occurred to me was that she probably was depleted of electrolytes. I was about to call my husband and have him run by and pick up some Pedialyte, but then I realized I had some homemade turkey broth in the fridge from the Thanksgiving turkey bones.

I heated it up and got her to take a few sips. Within a few minutes I saw improvement. I put on Elf for her to watch while I decorated the tree. She was lying on the couch so I couldn't tell if she was still improving, but I kept getting her to sip the broth.

After the movie was over, she got up off the couch (this was good news). Then dad and brother came home and I saw that she was much more animated. She didn't lie down again the rest of the day and I even saw her jump off the couch at one point.  She was a whole new kid!

She probably only had a couple tablespoons of the broth, but it seemed to be just what she needed. She ate a full size dinner that night and never again regressed.

It could have been the minerals or it could have just been the salt. Our bodies need salt, contrary to popular opinion.  So, one more reason to keep homemade bone broth on hand, it's as good or better than Pedialyte!  (And free.)

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