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Friday, October 2, 2009

October Challenge

Are you ready for another challenge?

This month, the challenge is to cut out hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils for 7 days. Check your labels, you might be surprised to learn what foods contain these oils.

Partially hydrogenated oil is the same thing as trans fat. The problem is that a lot of packages claim 0g of trans fat per serving, but it really is anywhere from 0 to .49g. The FDA allows the manufacturer to claim 0, if it is less than .5. Well, half a gram doesn't sound bad, does it?

Let's think about it this way, though. When was the last time you just ate 1-oz. of chips. If you have a scale, try weighing out 1 ounce. It isn't much. Most of us eat more than one serving of most foods at a time. The manufacturer makes that serving size so small so that they can hide how much trans fat and/or sugar the item really has. So, then you are really eating possibly 1.5g of trans fat, every time you enjoy those chips. Studies show that even 2 grams of trans fat a day are dangerous.

If you normally cook with Crisco, use butter instead. Butter is a very healthy fat. It has had such a negative connotation for far too long. Click here to read about that.

Click here to learn more about hydrogenated oils.

I will check back in at the end of the 7 days and report my results. See you then!


  1. Good post! I think it's important to note that not all transfats are the same. Indeed, the naturally occurring transfatty acids are actually very good for you it's just the chemical garbage that's dangerous.

  2. Absolutely! Forgot to mention that. :)