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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Colds & Flu

I took my son to his homeschool PE class today.  Quite literally two-thirds of the class was absent due to sickness, or being afraid to expose themselves to sicknesses.  It seems each year the germs get worse and worse.  But there is no reason to fear.  Arm yourself with this powerful medicine:

Coconut Oil!

It sounds strange, but this healthy oil is a powerhouse.  It fights viruses, bacteria, and even yeasts/fungus (think candida, or athlete's foot, etc.).

As I mentioned here, Hippocrates (460BC – 377BC) said, “Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be thy food.”  Apparently the Chinese have this same philosophy, too.

Coconut oil is food, but it is a powerful medicine.  We take it at the first sign of a cold or flu and in our experience it has drastically cut down on recovery time, sometimes in less than 24 hours.  In the past I have been down with the flu 10-14 days, and nothing natural I tried was working (before finding coconut oil).  I used to take massive doses of vitamin C (now I know that will only work with infection, whereas most issues are viral), I tried oscillococcinum, echinacea, goldenseal, and another herbal tincture that slips my mind right now.  None of them ever worked (for me, they may work for some, but not for me).

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This post is part of Natural Cures Blog Carnival on HartkeisOnline.com.  Go check it out to learn about more natural remedies for colds and flu.


  1. Shannon,

    How do you take your oil? My husband and all 3 kids have been sick this past week! I am trying so hard not to get it!


  2. Kristi,
    I take a spoon of it (when it's semi-solid), with a drop of honey on top.

    My son will only take it in a medicine dropper. I set my jar in a bowl of warm water to liquify it. He holds his nose to make it go down easier.

    The best is to catch a cold or flu at the first sign, but it wouldn't hurt to try now either.


  3. Where do you buy it? Do you take it everyday or only when you feel your getting sick?

  4. You can buy virgin coconut oil at Whole Foods, Akins, and even some Walmarts. It is with the cooking oil at the health food store. At Walmart it will be with the vitamins, near the pharmacy.

    I used to take it only when sick, but have developed a habit of taking it a few times a week (especially in this season).

  5. Hi Shannon. Thanks for introducing me to your blog.

    I wanted to let you know that you can also buy organic unrefined coconut oil at Reasor's. It is with the other cooking oils.

    Looking forward to a healthy fall!

  6. Thanks for the info!