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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September Challenge Update

Well, our first challenge has concluded, going without high fructose corn syrup for seven days.

How did you do?  Was it difficult?   Was it easy?  Were there any food items that you were surprised to see HFCS on the ingredients listing?

Well, on day 1, I noticed that the sandwich bread I buy for the family (I don't eat it), contains HFCS.  It's really hard with sandwich bread.  Most of them contain trans fat.  This was one I found without trans fat, but they put HFCS in it.

I tried making homemade bread for my family.  I even compromised and made it mostly white.  (I figured mostly white, made at home, was better than a loaf with HFCS, trans fat, and numerous dough conditioner chemicals and preservatives.)  It was delicious!  But after about two days, it gets crumbly and stale tasting.  It doesn't stay soft as long as store-bought bread.  So my family refused it.

On day 2, I was feeding my kids yogurt with their breakfast.  We make our own yogurt from raw milk.  I eat it plain, my daughter has recently switched from plain to having it with honey, and my son likes strawberry jam in it.  I buy all-fruit jam, specifically to avoid sugar and HFCS.  I checked the Yoplait label at the store and sure enough, it contains HFCS.  I'm so glad we cut that out years ago.  The kids do get it as a treat once in a while.  But that's what it is, a dessert, not a healthy breakfast.

On day 5, I goofed!  We were having homemade hamburgers, french fries, and strawberry shortcake.  I kept thinking, we're doing good, because we're making the shortcake from scratch, no HFCS there!  Well, I was in the middle of my meal and it dawned on me that I was dipping my fries in Ranch dressing and I had ketchup on my burger!!!!!!  Yes, both of those items have HFCS in them.  And guess what else?!?  The hamburger buns.  It just goes to show how many items contain HFCS these days.  It is hard to escape.  I am not at the place, yet, of making my own salad dressing and ketchup.  Some day, but not yet.  Occasionally I do drizzle my salad with red wine vinegar and olive oil.  This encourages me to do that more often.

Well, the rest of the week, we were in the clear.  Let me know how you did!


  1. If you buy organic ketchup (health food
    stores of course carry this, but so does
    Wal-Mart!) it only has tomato in it....
    NOTHING ELSE! I haven't found an
    organic ranch dressing yet :-)
    but did find the ketchup!!

  2. Thank you! I will look for that. :)