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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Omega 6: Are You Overdosing?

I just read an awesome article in this month's issue of Prevention magazine.  I have read about Omega essential fatty acids before, but this article brought some new things to light.

We've heard of Omega-3 essential fatty acids, but what about Omega-6?  We hear we should eat fish to get Omega-3s, but is it found in other food?

Please read here and then you can read my notes.

The Vanishing Youth Nutrient by Susan Allport


The author makes an excellent point that we need to get back on grass-fed meat and dairy, like our great-grandparents.  Here are some sources:

In the Tulsa, OK area - Swan Brother's Dairy

Also for Oklahomans - Oklahoma Food Co-op

In the Tulsa area - Natural Farms (two locations--4th & Utica or 91st & Yale)

Also check out Eat Wild for a list of sources in your area.

Or you can order from US Wellness Meats

(I have not been paid to promote any of the above businesses.)

We see in this article that a big portion of the Omega-6s in our diet come from vegetable oils, soybean, cottonseed, corn, etc.  If you will remember from my earlier article, But Isn't It Natural?, that these oils are very difficult to extract from the beans/seeds.  Chemicals are involved, as is high heat, both of which damage the oil tremendously.  If we would just eat these seeds in their whole form, we wouldn't be overdosing on Omega-6.  Remember--If God created it, it is healthy, but if man has adulterated it, it isn't.

I cannot agree with her recommendation of Canola oil for two reasons.  Canola oil has a 2:1 ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3.  This means that for every gram of Omega-3 you're getting, you are still getting 2 grams of Omega-6.  I don't see how this helps anyone.  We are supposed to be getting a ratio of 1:1 of Omega-3s and 6s.  Chances are, if you are using Canola oil, you are still eating some packaged food, so you are still getting too many Omega-6s.  The other reason is that the oil you buy in the store is already damaged, like mentioned above, by the heat and chemical process.  Ingesting damaged oils is toxic to your system.  But let's say you are going to buy expeller-pressed Canola.  Then what?  If you are heating it, you are damaging it.  If you want to drizzle it cold, on your salad, I suppose it would be okay.  I, myself, will stay away from Canola.  Want more information?  Click here.

On page 115 (in the magazine) and page 6 (online), I take issue with point #6.  Butter is not bad.  You can read my article on that topic, here.  And did you know that butter has antioxidants in it?!?  Click here to read more.

So, overall, the information in this article was great and I hope it helps you.  It basically just comes down to the fact that if we were all eating food that hasn't been processed, we would be getting plenty of the right Omega-3s and Omega-6s, in the right ratios.


  1. Hey Shannon!
    I am so glad to see you are posting again. This is a great article, and I heartily agree. I was looking at your list of sources and was wondering about Natural Farms. I used to get all my meat there until I learned about the importance of eating grass fed beef. I was under the impression that their beef is grain fed (they pride themselves on using organic grains). Have they changed their practices? I sure love their store and what they are trying to do in our community and would like to support them more.

  2. Kierlee,

    You might be right, I assumed they were grass-fed, but didn't check into it. I just knew that they sold so many organics and Swan's raw milk. That's too bad, if only they knew. I will have to check into that.


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  4. Sounds great! Thanks for the link!