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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Links of the Month

A new feature here, I want to point out good articles from my fellow bloggers.  Theses caught my attention this month:

70% of U.S. Children Have Insufficient Vitamin D - report from Cheeseslave.

We can learn a lot from history - Lessons on Real Food from 100 Years Ago, from Food Renegade.

Kelly the Kitchen Kop has posted a really great article about gut health, a passion of mine - Gut Health 101: 6 Questions and Answers About A Strong Immune System and the GAPS Diet

Two posts from Nourished Kitchen have caught my eye - Iron Deficiency and the Breastfed Baby and Water Kefir: A Quick Tutorial.  What is water kefir?  It's a fizzy drink that's full of wonderful probiotics, apparently tastes milder than kombucha and is easy to make.  A great substitute for soda pop.  I need to try this soon.

And finally, a recipe - Rustic Fresh Tomato Tart - from The Nourishing Gourmet.  This looks so yummy and I love the photos!

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