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Friday, July 24, 2009


I know I haven't been posting much, but it's summer and I'm doing something I don't normally do--enjoying every minute of it!!!


I am not one to stop and relax, I'm usually work, work, work, let's stay productive! But relaxation is productive, too. There is a time and place for leisure.


I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, tending to the peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, zinnias and sunflowers. I planted some more pumpkin seeds, hopefully these will be successful.


I've also been doing a lot of reading. I don't normally take much time for that, it's been nice.


I've also been enjoying fun with the kids. We will start up school on August 10th, so we still have a few weeks to enjoy.


I'm feeling great--more on that soon--I feel refreshed and have some new ideas for the blog.


I also want to take this time to ask you if you have suggestions for this blog. Do you have any questions? What do you wish I would post about? I'm celebrating 2 years now of this blog--that's all thanks to you, my readers!


If you want to see me on Facebook, click here.  I don't post much on there either, but it's a fun way to be connected.


Also notice, I have added Recipe Tab to the top of the page.  This page will list all of my recipes in one handy place.


Happy Summer!

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  1. Congratulations of 2 years of this Blog : )
    I'd like to continue hearing about healthy recipes, books you're enjoying, and homeschool. What is especially helpful to me is when you explain why something is good for us, or the benefits to a certain something or other. Photos are nice, too. Thanks for sharing your world,