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Thursday, July 23, 2009


We headed to Whole Foods yesterday, I thought I'd let you peek at my shopping cart.


I bought -
-Organic grains:
  5 lbs. whole oats (called groats)
  1.5 lbs. brown rice
  1 lb rye berries

(We grind the oats in the blender and soak overnight to eat for breakfast.  Click here.  We also make blender batter pancakes, my recipe coming soon, or go to www.suegregg.com to see the original.)

-Store brand (365) baking powder - because it is aluminum-free (I hope it's good, I usually buy Rumford, but it was over a $1 more.)

-2lb. bag of Sucanat - a true whole sugar, unrefined, we like it in our oatmeal and other things.

-Bragg raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar - great source of enzymes

-Blackstrap molasses - I take a few spoonfuls a week, it's very high in iron and calcium.)

-bacon (my family loves this, but I HATE buying the nitrate/nitrite filled variety at Walmart, so we are going to try this.)

-hot dogs (see above)


Going to Whole Foods is a special occasion for us.  It's so far away, we don't go that often, so we will pick up a treat or two.

-I picked up a Lara Bar for myself.  These are really good and they don't have any junk in them, not even sugar, they are sweetened with dates and raisins and such.  I glanced at a Luna Bar and it was full of junk.  Just goes to show you that you still have to read labels, even in the health food store.

-I also splurged on some crystallized ginger.  It's good on it's own, but a friend of mine adds some to her kombucha and it tastes very similar to ginger ale.  I'm going to try this.

-My son picked out some ginger snaps

-My daughter loves those date pieces sold in the bulk section.  I don't really care for them, they don't have any added sweetener and they look like puppy chow, but she likes them, so she gets them.  :)


Hope you enjoyed seeing what I buy at Whole Foods.  You will notice that I don't really buy any packaged food here.  That stuff is unhealthy, whether you buy it at Walmart or Whole Foods.  Processed is processed.  :)


  1. I'm SO proud of you and of the way you are taking wonderful care of your family!!!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing this morning when I was reading a coupon blog. It commented that Whole Foods had a coupon booklet at the front of the store. When I read what they were for that is when it hit me..."what is the difference between processed food at Wal-Mart and processed food at Whole Foods?" Is it any better? How?

    Well, this was confirmation to what I was thinking. I was just thinking how I need to visit Whole Foods tomorrow. I haven't been there in quite awhile.

    Thanks, Shannon. Your posts are always so helpful to me and encouraging to continue to chase the healthy side!