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Friday, February 13, 2009


In the last installment, I posted a link that answered the question of why I drink raw milk.  I should add that the number one reason is because of my motto--if God created it, it is healthy; if man has adulterated it, it is unhealthy.  Pasteurized milk is one of our most processed/adulterated foods (that everyone thinks is healthy).  Now on to this week's topic.


  Celtic Sea Salt

You may have noticed that I call for this in most of my recipes.  Specifically, my Curried Sweet Potato Soup and my Molasses Sourdough Bread.




Let's go back to the beginning.


I first heard of Celtic Sea Salt when reading Nourishing Traditions.  Sally Fallon calls for it in all her recipes.  So I bought some so I could try making homemade sauerkraut.  It was quite expensive, I think I paid about $6.00 for a one-pound package.


So I made some sauerkraut and then left the salt up in the cupboard and didn't dare use it for anything else, since it cost so much!


Well, one day I was talking to a friend and she told me that she had started using Celtic Sea Salt and it tasted so much better than regular salt in her food.  My package had been in the cupboard for quite a while at this point.  I figured I should start using it.


So I tried it out and she was right--it tasted great.  But another very interesting thing happened.  An issue I had been dealing with cleared up.  Around the time I had my daughter (she's 3 and a half now), I started having dizzy spells.  They weren't like anything I had ever experienced before.  It wasn't lightheadedness, like low blood sugar--I knew what that felt like.  It wasn't full vertigo, the room didn't actually spin, but it was just a very weird feeling.  My legs would feel weird and my stomach would feel weird and I would just close my eyes until the feeling passed--it usually lasted a few seconds.  Well, these episodes started happening more frequently and were becoming longer in duration.  I am the type of person that only goes to the doctor in emergencies, but this was starting to concern me.


When I started using Celtic Sea Salt on my food the dizzy spells stopped!  I was thrilled!  This told me that it must be some sort of mineral deficiency causing them.


I used up the bag of salt that I had and didn't rush back out to buy more since it was so expensive.  After a bit, the dizzy spells returned, so I ran right back to the health food store to buy more salt.  I didn't care how much it cost now, this was medicine to me!  As long as I keep using the Celtic Sea Salt, the dizzy spells seem to stay away.  And interestingly, the RLS I had for many, many years is almost non-existent!  


Celtic Sea Salt is an unrefined salt.  Therefore it has a range of minerals that are not present in regular table salt or even other sea salts.  You will notice that it is gray, that is because of all the minerals.


It comes in coarse or fine.  I have found that the fine salt is more expensive.  I just buy the coarse and grind it in my food processor.


You will notice that it is moist when you buy it.  Dr. Hulda Clark recommends sterilizing it in the oven (400F) on a plate for 5 minutes, to kill mold.  I did not know this for a while, but a batch of my ferments molded, so now I am taking this precaution.


I do keep Hain Sea Salt on hand for certain things, to keep in the salt shaker, but I use Celtic Sea Salt in all of my cooking.


So why use Celtic Sea Salt?  It will help supply your body with needed minerals, it is unrefined (therefore in line with my motto), and it tastes great!


  1. Ahhhh...that is shedding some light on some of my own issues! It is on my grocery list!!

  2. I recommend getting Celtic Sea Salt in the bulk section of Whole Foods. It seems to be a better price than the packaged kind.

    I want to get into this mineral thing deeper, but I think I am starting to figure out the root cause (of my own mineral issues). The Celtic Sea Salt definitely helps, but my research on adrenal health is giving me some answers as to why. Maybe I will work on that this week.

  3. This is an amazing testimony! I wonder what mineral your body was deficient in? Anyhow, yes, buy sea salt in bulk!

    Cheers, KristenM (foodrenegade)

  4. I really don't know. I could get tested, but I tend to be a self-diagnosis type. :)

  5. How do you store the sea salt you buy in bulk?

  6. Ah, good question! I should have mentioned that.

    I have heard from different sources that the salt should be stored in a breathable container, not an airtight one.

    I have mine in a mason jar and rather than putting on the regular lid, I put a paper napkin on top and secured with a rubber band. A cloth would work the same, but I just grabbed what was handy. :)

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  9. Thank you for posting this excellent message about celtic sea salt, and for your fabulous blog! I am looking forward to preparing more fermented foods. :) Have you tried the trader joe's natural sea salt? I don't know much about it but think it is from France and is high in minerals.

    P.S. The links are missing on the last couple of comments.

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