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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Coconut Oil

The more I use coconut oil, the more I learn of its wonderful benefits.  You can read about my results with the flu and coconut oil here.  I used to take it only if we felt a cold or the flu coming on, but I have discovered other uses. 


My daughter broke out with a patch of eczema and I had just read Gut & Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS), so I gave her coconut oil for it.  Dr. Campbell-McBride explains in her book how many, many issues are a result of an imbalance of bacteria in our gut.  Coconut oil will kill harmful yeast, bacteria, and viruses in our gut.  And most recently I learned that it helps ward off certain parasites, too.  I gave my daughter the coconut oil daily for a couple of weeks and the patch disappeared.  (It was the size of my palm.) 


This summer, just a few days before my son was to leave for camp he had an outbreak of eczema all over both legs.  It was the worst outbreak he had had in years, it itched so bad he was scratching through the night without even realizing it.  My thought was that I couldn’t send him to camp like that!  I gave him a half-teaspoon dose, three times a day, for three days.  By the second day the itching had stopped and by the third day it was almost completely healed.  I stopped the doses at three days since he really doesn’t care for coconut oil and the eczema kept healing, it didn’t come back. 


In GAPS, Dr. Campbell-McBride also linked seasonal allergies with gut imbalance so I started taking a daily dose of coconut oil and drinking a lot more raw milk (great source of probiotics).  My seasonal allergies were relieved by about 90% this year.  That was awesome!


[caption id="attachment_147" align="aligncenter" width="470" caption="A Spoonful of Coconut Oil"]A Spoonful of Coconut Oil[/caption]


How To Take It


Some people put coconut oil in hot liquid, like tea, to drink it down.  I am not sure what temperature would negate its health benefits.  Hot liquid to drink is probably fine, but I’m not so sure the anti-viral, bacteria, and fungal properties are kept when we cook with the oil.  It is a healthy oil to cook with, but I try to get some raw oil in my family, as well.


When I gave it to my daughter for her eczema I would put a dollop (semi-solid) on her first bite of banana at breakfast.  I have mixed it with honey for my son, but he didn’t like that.  Now I barely warm it to liquefy it and put it in a medicine dropper for him.  I take a spoonful of it in its semi-solid state (see above pic) with a drop of honey on top.  For some reason the honey makes it go down, without that it’s not so easy.  J


I cook my popcorn in coconut oil and also use it to saut√© onions for my marinara.  I don’t cook with it as much as some people.  I am frugal and butter is cheaper and still very healthy.  But for some dishes, butter will burn; so then I will use coconut oil.  I also put some in my yogurt smoothies.  I have started putting it on my kid’s peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.  I just spread a thin layer on one slice of bread, spread on the jelly and the peanut butter and voila!—they don’t even know it’s there!  This way they are getting a little bit every day.


I like to buy my coconut oil from www.greenpasture.org.  It is quality oil at a great price!  (I’m not paid to say that.  J)


Here is an article I found that lists in detail all the wonderful benefits of coconut oil.


Here is another article by the same blogger about all the ways you can use coconut oil.


  1. I use expeller pressed coconut oil for much of my cooking. It doesn't have the same anti-viral/anti-biotic properties as the raw coconut oil but it doesn't have the coconut flavor either. It's my all purpose cooking oil and it's amazing :) I love the raw stuff melted just to liquid and mixed with melted butter on popcorn. Yum!

  2. Thanks for that tip!

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