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Saturday, October 4, 2008


I have been too busy lately to get a chance to post on here or even to think about it.  My daily life has been full, but quite frankly my mind has been full of other things, too.  I am thinking a lot lately about this upcoming election, about this economic bailout, about how big our government has become, Bible prophecy, the Christmas season, history, revival, etc., etc., etc.  It is true what the Bible says about whatever is in your heart is what is going to come out of your mouth (Matt. 12:34).  I have been filling my mind with these things lately, so they are in my heart.  I need only to crack open a book on health and the ideas start flowing again.  But really, I have a lot on my plate right now, a couple of paying gigs and a couple of volunteer ones.  Very shortly I will resume posting on Kombucha, coconut oil and natural personal care products.


  1. Hey Shannon,
    What are your paying gigs? Do you show people how to do what you do? I think you should have a session at CHEER this year and share as much of the information as you can with the group :)
    Have a blessed week,

  2. Teresa,

    My paying gigs don't have to do with this passion. I do data entry on the side and have been busy with that, but the real busyness has come from a big candle order I'm doing. I started a candle company almost 8 years ago. I have slowed it way down due to homeschooling. I now just do one big order per year and I'm in the middle of it now.

    I do plan in the future to get out and be more public - speaking to people about health and showing people how to do these things I'm doing.