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Friday, August 8, 2008

Who Do They Think They’re Fooling?

Dr. Douglass – Nutrition Labels


“A new study out of Britain reveals that nine out of 10 regular food items produced specifically for kids have incredibly poor nutritional content. Here's the kicker, though - 62 percent of the foods with horrifically bad nutritional quality had the nerve to put a nutritional claim on the front of the package.”


Unfortunately, they (the marketing gurus) are fooling a lot of us.  I endorse reading labels, but I don’t endorse reading the front of the package.  J  That’s just fluff.  The food giants pay companies to come up with research that endorses the junk they’re selling.  It’s only their bottom line they care about, not our health.  Instead, make your decision based on the ingredient listing on the back.  Don’t be swayed by anything on the front, you can’t trust it as the above article shows.


Enough said, I will step down now.  I don’t have the time today to go on and on.  J


  1. Yes, it really makes me angry about the deception going on. This year my girls and I went on a field trip to a local place that grinds their own wheat and makes their own bread. Excellent, delicious, and healthy products. They pointed out that their whole wheat bread had 4 ingredients. Take a peek at a loaf of bread from the store. You would never come close to . Anyway, what really upset me was that the woman told our group that for a package of bread to be labeled 100% Whole Wheat it had to have a minimum of 51% whole wheat. What? Why isn't it called 51% whole wheat. Up to that point I thought we were getting the best bread....well, maybe we are. The best we can purchase at the store anyway. Then I checked the "whole grain" & "whole wheat" tortillas/wraps. Looks like the same thing to me. I saw a huge list of ingredients AND it wasn't JUST whole grains. Grrr!!!

  2. Yes, we must ask ourselves, what is worse - a product made at home partially with whole-wheat and partially with unbleached white flour or a "so-called" whole-wheat product at the store that includes high fructose corn syrup, soy flour, and other various chemicals and conditioners and such?

    When you make it yourself, you know what's in it!

    Even if you don't make a 100% whole-wheat loaf, it's going to be better than the store fare.

    This is part of the brainwashing of our society. We are made to believe that we can't teach our own children, that we can't provide the necessary nutrients for our family unless we buy prepared foods in brightly colored packages and vitamin pills, that we, as moms, won’t find fulfillment at home, that keeping a home isn’t a worthwhile pursuit, that our country wasn’t founded on godly principles, that we are all products of chance, and worst of all that there really aren’t any absolutes, what’s wrong for you isn’t wrong for me, there is no truth.

    The deception in our world of food, I believe, is nearly as evil as the other deceptions named above. Food for thought!