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Thursday, February 7, 2008

'Tis the Season

The flu season is upon us again.  You know the signs - the chills, achy muscles, stuffy nose and sore throat.  I am hearing reports of people all around me that have coughs and sinus infections and some are turning into pneumonia even!  Why is it that the flu is such a bad bug these days?  It seems that when I was a kid, the flu was a 24-hour ordeal.  I actually don’t remember being sick much as a kid, we were pretty healthy, we had fresh salmon, moose, and caribou meat, no hormones or chemicals there, and almost exclusively ate whole grains.  Anyway, the last few years have been a different story for me.  I rejected many of the healthy foods I grew up on for about 12 years and have only returned to healthy eating in the last 5.  So I think my immune system was depleted.  Plus after having 2 kids and nursing, I’m sure any nutrients reserves I once had were now gone.  That doesn’t explain why the rest of my family has been getting sick, though.  When the flu has hit the last couple of years, it lasts almost 2 weeks!  That’s per person mind you.

Why is this?  Perhaps those germs are mutating.  All the germicides, antibiotics, vaccines, and hand sanitizers in use are only making these germs stronger.  One example is MRSA, an antibiotic-resistant strain of Staph.  On the flip side of the coin is the fact that our immune systems only get weaker with less exposure to germs.  So if we are spending all our time killing these germs, we can’t build up any immunity.  We need exposure to germs to build resistance to them.  There is a time and place for sanitizing every surface in sight; a hospital for instance, doesn’t want to risk all it’s patients to every germ that people are bringing in.  But our homes and our own bodies are another matter.  All those antibacterial soaps, sanitizing wipes, and hand sanitizer gels carry a double-edged sword.

Well, I’ve had enough!  God does not want us to live like this.  He created many wonderful antidotes.

Here is what happened to us February of last year.  My 1½ year-old daughter, then my husband, then myself, and finally my 7 year-old son all caught the flu, a few days apart from each other.  When I came down with it something I had been recently reading came to mind.  In Eat Fat, Lose Fat, Dr. Enig tells of the many benefits of coconut oil – one of them being that it is antiviral!  Well, I had some in the cupboard because I already knew it was a healthy cooking fat, so I took a spoonful.  Long story short, I took a few spoonfuls over the next 24 hours and dramatically cut the effects of the flu bug short for myself!  Then when my son woke up feeling sick I immediately reached for the coconut oil and gave him a dose.  He slept all morning and by lunch was feeling better.  I gave him some more and by bedtime he was practically 100%!  He went from feverish and delirious (he sat up out of his fever nap and was talking nonsense about my ficus tree) to sitting at the table with the family for dinner in less than 12 hours.

So you tell me, was it the coconut oil or just coincidence?  My daughter had the flu for 12 days, my husband for 10 (he suffered through with Advil everyday), I had it for 48 hours and my son only for 24 (at most)!  So you decide.  This is not a case where my son’s immune system and mine were stronger than my daughter’s and husband’s.  The year before I had the worst bought of flu of my life; it lasted 2 whole weeks and included a sinus infection and ear infection.

So this year I decided to take a more proactive approach.  The kids and I started taking Cod Liver Oil; vitamin A really boosts the immune system and it’s probably the vitamin we are most lacking in our modern diet.  We also started drinking Kombucha Tea in the fall; this is a fermented drink that naturally cleanses the liver of toxins.  This winter I have cut back on sugar as sugar really impairs your immune system.  A bug recently tried to take hold, but we fought it off.  My son had a slight cold that was over before he had much time to complain.  A sore throat tried to get me, but I pulled out the coconut oil again and resolved it within 24 hours.

One thing I have noticed while trying these natural remedies is that the bug may try to creep back.  It was a Saturday when I started feeling the sore throat and by Sunday afternoon I was 100%, but on Wednesday I started feeling slightly icky again.  I took some more coconut oil, I wasn’t going to wait and see if this was real or not.  In a couple hours I felt great.  Then on Friday it tried one more time, I woke up with sinus congestion and could tell it was trying to be a sinus infection.  Once again I pulled out the coconut oil and later in the day I ate a couple cloves of pickled garlic because garlic is a natural antibiotic.  By bedtime I was 100%, but I think the true testimony is that on all three of these days I mentioned, I never felt that bad.  I never felt bad enough to stop my normal routine, never had to rest; these germs did not disrupt my life!

I give glory to God for all the wonderful remedies He created!  What is so exciting to me is that God created these things before there was ever any sickness in the world.  He knows the end from the beginning.  He knew before He created the earth and all that is in it that Adam would choose to rebel and let sin enter into the world.  When sin entered in, so did death, sickness, disease and decay.  But as a Christian you don’t have to suffer with sickness and disease.  Jesus bore our sicknesses on Himself at the cross (Isaiah 53:5 and I Peter 2:24).  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly (John 10:10).  He came and died so that we could have eternal life (Romans 6:23 and John 3:16).  If you are saved then your spirit has been born-again, but your body has not; sicknesses can still try to attack you, but doesn’t have to keep you down!  Our bodies will one day die because the law of decay in the earth has yet to be abolished, but while we are here on the earth, we don’t have to suffer through sicknesses, we can have a prosperous and healthy life! (3 John 2)  God created things like coconuts, codfish, garlic, lavender, and cows, to name a few; these things are natural sources of potent vitamins and have anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

So when you choose supplements to keep your body healthy or choose remedies to fight off germs, keep my motto in mind – If God created it, it is good for you; if man has adulterated it, it is bad for you.

Scientists are trying to wrap their brains around these natural substances, but if they don’t have God in the picture, they come up with a less than perfect product, a drug that has undesirable side effects.  They try to isolate these substances and duplicate them and make chemical versions, but none are going to work like God’s own medicines and vitamins that He created, present in the foods God meant for them to be in.

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  1. Thank you for helping me get some clarity on this tricky topic. I just ordered my cod liver oil a few minutes ago. I really appreciate you views here.


  2. I agree 100%!! Thank you for taking the time to write and keep everything in front of us :) I used coconut about 2 years ago, but gradually just stopped using it. I'll be ordering more this week!!
    Have a blessed week,

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  5. THANK YOU AGAIN~~~ I'm liking learning through what you share. In this season of my life, things are running circles around me and I don't have time to really delve into stuff. I want to thank you for your posts about coconut oil. I'd never even heard of it being used like that. Hmmm... Guess I'll have to try it! I _DO_ know, from my experience of taking 4 gallons of Kombucha on our trip to see Isaac in Kentucky, then to Michigan, and home to New England, I was grateful to have it!! I fought cold symptoms for two weeks, but kept taking Kombucha and making it left and right. No full fledged cold threw me under the bus. Just wish I'd known about the coconut oil sooner. If there's a cold, it tries to catch me, because of my immune system challenges. I'm going to be so giddy to keep doing the good things you're sharing, and have a healthier Autumn because of it. THANK YOU~ Hugs, Aunt Sandy