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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Rest of the Story

I’m wondering why we’re not always told the whole story.  These are some examples that come to mind.

 We are led to believe that cavities and tooth decay are caused by things that sit on our teeth, food that isn’t properly brushed and flossed away that rots, BUT Dr. Weston A. Price, DDS showed us back in the 1930s that the biggest factor in decay was what goes into our bodies, specifically processed foods.  The people groups he studied all over the world had no signs of decay or crowding until the Western diet was introduced, he had the chance to study them before and after.  Why isn’t this knowledge widely known?  It’s not in the best interest of the packaged food industry or the toothpaste and floss industries that we know this information.  Hmmm.  Read more here.

 We hear a lot about the benefits of tea, especially green tea, that it has anti-cancerous properties, BUT did you know that non-organic tea contains very high levels of fluoride; much higher than the government thinks is safe for our drinking water.  For some reason tea leaves store up the fluoride that comes from the polluted ground, so if you want to drink tea, you are much better off with organic tea.  Read more here.

 We hear that we need to eat whole grains, whole wheat breads, pasta, crackers, and cereals to get our daily intake of fiber, BUT did you know that grain contains an anti-nutrient called phytic acid that actually robs your body of minerals when you ingest it?  We can treat our grains and/or sprout them to eliminate the phytic acid, but we should also be getting the bulk of our fiber from vegetables and fruit.  Ezekiel Bread is an example of a sprouted bread.  Read more here.

 We have been led to believe that saturated fat and cholesterol clogs the arteries, BUT the plaque removed from arteries contains very little cholesterol and mostly unsaturated fat, 74%, in fact.  (Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon pg. 84)

 We are told that Canola is a wonder oil because it provides Omega-3, BUT it contains twice as much Omega-6 which we don’t need AND the Omega-3 it contains is damaged.  Don’t be conned by packages that claim their food is a good source of Omega-3, Hellman’s Mayonnaise is a prime example.

 We are led to believe that skim milk helps keep us trim, BUT farmers feed skim milk to their pigs to fatten them up!  (Nourishing Traditions, pg. 212, quoting The Milk Book by William Campbell Douglass, MD)

 We are led to believe that we need to get our daily supply of dairy products in order to get enough calcium, BUT if you are consuming pasteurized dairy, your body can’t use the calcium it’s getting!  In the pasteurization process many of the vitamins are destroyed, the enzymes are destroyed and the fat is oxidized (rancid) and then synthetic vitamins are added.  Unless you get enough real vitamin D and fat, you can’t use the calcium.  Milk, it does a body good?  Don’t be conned by marketing campaigns!  The calves should give us a clue – when they are fed pasteurized milk, they do poorly and many die before maturity.  Read more here.

 Merck has developed a new vaccine for young girls to help prevent the spread of cervical cancer, BUT cervical cancer is an avoidable disease, if you know how to avoid it.  A virus that is sexually transmitted causes it.  If these girls were just educated on how cervical cancer is contracted and what they can do to prevent getting it (abstinence), then we wouldn’t have such an epidemic.  Read more here.

 Many of us buy “Cage Free” eggs at the store because we feel they are healthy and we have visions of chickens roaming free on lush green fields, BUT unfortunately the US Department of Agriculture defines “free-range” as chickens that have “access to the outside”.  How much time do they spend cooped up?  How much time do they really go outside?  Are they eating their natural diet or some cheap feed that allows the farmers to profit more?  The best eggs to get are local; know how the chickens are treated and what they are eating.  Read more here.

 We believe that organics are healthy, BUT did you know that many organics have little or no vitamins and minerals?!?  It is great that the farmers are committed to growing produce free from dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but unless they are feeding the soil, they are not producing a quality product.  Plus when you pick a fruit or vegetable before it’s ripe and ship it halfway across the country, it won’t have much vitamin and mineral content.  This is what most of us have access to, so-called organics that come from far away.  It’s unfortunate that “organic” is a buzz word now and marketers are using that to their advantage.

 So, hopefully I have given you some food for thought.  I am sure there are numerous more examples of this that we can think of.  It pays to do your homework, always question and expect the truth!

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