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Sunday, October 14, 2007


I don’t feel I did the Tune In article justice.  I think everyone always looks back and wants to add or change what they have created.  This is why we have an updated version of ET and Star Wars.  Most of the time I just have to turn my back and forget about what I wrote or else I would keep changing and editing into eternity.  But this time I couldn’t, I just had to add a little. 

I wrote before that you should pay attention to how your body reacts to food.  I listed a few examples, but there are so many more.  Foods can cause mood swings, depression, swelling of tissues (inflammation), fatigue, imbalance of hormone levels and so much more.  I like what Dr. Oz said about how we should consider foods drugs and we need to know how to read the prescription (ingredients list and nutrition facts). 

My belief is that so many things are rooted in our diets.  A whole host of mental issues, skin disorders, metabolism and blood sugar issues, digestive issues and more are a product of a poor diet.  We are so deceived into thinking that we can buy the right shampoo to make our hair shiny or the right moisturizer to give us soft skin and keep wrinkles at bay or that we just need a pill if we’re feeling moody.  (The whole marketing issue is a topic for a later date.)  I say look inside first. 

I just watched a video clip of Michael J. Fox on the subject of stem cell research.  He is an advocate of this research as a way to “fix” people with Parkinson’s, diabetes and more.  There are too many people in this world that think the answer comes from outside the body.  I think the opposite is true – be choosy about the foods you put in your body – take a preventative approach. 

As I post more information here know that I am giving you pieces of the puzzle.  You will have to decide which pieces are for you.  Every person’s puzzle is different and will require different pieces to complete.  Some topics might not be applicable to your life at this moment, depending on where you are at with your babysteps.  I know some of you grind your own wheat and some of you are just learning to read labels on packages and many of you are in between.  I am trying to reach a broad spectrum of people and therefore will present a broad spectrum of topics. 

I will readily admit that I won’t be giving you all the pieces of the puzzle.  I don’t think any one person can give you all the pieces; none of us is perfect and knows it all.  Keep this in mind when doing further research.  We all have revelations in different areas so that we can act as a body and build each other up.

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