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Monday, September 17, 2007

Tune In

How does your food treat you?  How does your body tell you what to eat?  Do you get heartburn, does your heart rate go up, do you feel slugish and tired after eating?  Do you have specific cravings, do you have to have your morning caffeine to avoid headache?  Start paying attention to these things.  I believe our bodies will tell us how to eat if we will pay proper attention.  It’s not always straight forward, but you can use signals that your body is giving you to learn more.  For instance, I have heard if you crave chocolate you really need more magnesium. 

Every body is different.  I don’t suggest that everyone eats the same.  I will tell you what works for me.  You have to find what works for yourself.  For example, there are different metabolic types.  You can read more about that here and here.  Some people can handle more carbs, some need more protein.  I am one that needs more protein, but my husband seems to handle more carbs.  There is a book called, “Eat Right For Your Type” by Peter D’Adamo.  You may have heard of the Blood Type Diet, this is from this book.  They outline 4 different diets for the different blood types.  I have not read this book as its idea is based on evolution, but perhaps there is something to it.  I am type O and have learned that I need more protein and that’s what the book says.  While my son and husband are both type A and aren’t into meat and this seems to be in line with the book, as well.  I have started asking people their blood type if we get on the subject of food.  It seems that As are pickier, while Os are not picky at all.  My daughter is not picky at all and loves meat, wouldn’t you know it, she’s an O!  So there may be something to that book after all. 

There is a book I have heard of that I want to read called “Your Body is Your Best Doctor” by Melvin Page and Leon Abrams.  It sounds like it’s right on target with what I’m talking about here. 

So start tuning in.  I think that listening to your body is the best way to be accountable with your diet.  When you are tuned in you reach a point where you won’t stray or cheat because it’s not worth how your body will feel afterward.

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