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Monday, September 24, 2007


Before we move on to the details I want to add a final note on my philosophy.  Let’s review the main points –  

o        Take babysteps 

o        Put all your trust in the Lord first and foremost 

o        Choose whole foods over processed foods 

o        Keep balance in mind

o        Start to be proactive instead of reactive

o        Tune in to your body 

This week the message is on purpose.  With everything in life, we must have the right motives.  What are your motives for changing your eating habits and learning about nutrition?  Is it to live longer?  Avoid sickness?  Look your best as you age?  Avoid disease?  Recover from illness?  Avoid living on medication?  These are all worthy motivations. 

I think that many people are seeking happiness and peace and looking for it in a healthy lifestyle.  You cannot expect to find peace and joy in anything except Jesus.  Happiness and peace can certainly be a by-product of making healthy choices, but ultimately our joy comes from the Lord. 

There are people that steep themselves in the study of nutrition and in the end have no happiness, as in the case of Nathan Pritikin, his life ending in suicide.  Perhaps it was because his lowfat plan had flaws or perhaps because without the proper fats his hormones and brain function suffered.  But I think his motivation was wrong, his whole sense of worth was wrapped up in nutrition. 

People put diet up on a pedestal and expect that it is going to make life great, but when things don’t go as planned they lose faith in the diet and give up, turning to bad foods.  We can’t let diet be the basis for our happiness. 

Especially in the world we live now, with so many genetically modified foods and chemicals in the food supply.  You can be doing everything you know to do and still be ingesting harmful things.  This is why we have to first put our trust in God. 

Why, then, should we seek to educate ourselves and live a healthy lifestyle? 

I think Sue Gregg answered this best, in her book, “The 15 Minute Meal Planner” – “So we can better minister the life that is in Christ to a hurting and hungry world.  Eph. 2:10 - ‘For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do GOOD WORKS, which God prepared in advance for us to do’”. 

So take a good look at your motives before we move on.  God looks at the heart.


  1. Wow Shannon, very well said and very insightful.

  2. Shannon,
    I love your site, I just found it while I was searching for a crusty french bread recipe. The dough is rising, hopefully it will be a success.