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Monday, August 27, 2007


The more I read about nutrition the more I am convinced that balance is the key.  All these lowfat, lowcarb, no meat diets are unbalanced and that is where they fail.  Many of these give instant results of weight loss, but bring along long-range problems.   

Lowfat diets can lead to mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances, and mental imbalances, such as anxiety, and depression. 

Lowcarb diets are often too low in fiber and many people on them don’t distinguish between good fats and bad fats.  Eating mostly protein and very little carbs can upset your acid/alkaline balance as well. 

Vegetarian diets are deficient in the 8 essential amino acids, our bodies building blocks, these only come from animal protein.  Most vegetarians are mineral deficient.  They also tend toward the lowfat so they can have the same problems as the lowfat people. 

Weight loss should be a by-product of healthy eating, it should not be the goal.  We should be thinking big picture here and making decisions based on the long-term effect it has on our bodies.  When you are eating a proper diet you will arrive at your ideal weight.  I’m not saying this is done overnight, real success will take diligence.  Saying this, I know it’s easier said than done.  I know many people don’t find the motivation to eat right unless they want to lose some pounds.  Likewise if weight is not an issue with you it’s so easy just to eat anything you want.  I think it boils down to the fact that anything worth having in life takes hard work.  Maintaining an ideal weight and living healthy won’t come from yo-yo diets or low “anything”.  You may lose some pounds in the short-term, but reap destruction later on.  Balance and consistency are the keys. 

We all need protein, carbs AND fat.  We must be eating a balanced diet of all three.  Now this does not mean that a Big Mac is a balanced meal because you have your protein (meat), your carbs (the bun), and fat (plenty of different fats in this food).  We must be choosing the RIGHT protein, the RIGHT carbs, and the RIGHT fats.  There are good and bad in all three categories. 

You may have heard me say that I think lowcarb eating is best and that I lose weight and feel the best when I eat lowcarb.  I need to re-phrase myself – I believe in “good” carbs and “bad” carbs and feel the best when eating the good ones.  In the coming weeks I will go into further detail on good and bad protein sources, carbs, and fats.  For now, as you take your babysteps, be thinking about BALANCE. 

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